Ayvalaan House Builds a Connection to the Land

The Ayvalaan house is so named for the street where the recently married couple who own it lived for several years in Holland. It’s meant as a place where their children from previous marriages can come to visit. Built on a steep terrace in the picturesque countryside of Guatemala on the outskirts of Guatemala City, there’s no doubt this home will become a popular gathering spot for the family.

avalaan house balcony with dog sculpture

The area where the home is built is best known for its equestrian lifestyle. The surrounding valleys are popular for pleasurable rides. The house itself is designed to be divided into several sections, each with their own purpose. The first floor holds the owners’ offices as well as a small family area. Moving up to the second level you’ll find open areas that integrate a living room, dining room, and an open kitchen. Continuing upward, you come to the master suite that has its own private living room. The final level contains two guest bedrooms.

ayvalaan house porch view

The house is built of several materials with brick walls and concrete as well as wood, glass, and metal structures being exposed. The lightness of the abode is accomplished by judicious use of wood, stucco, and concrete. Floating staircases and wall panels help separate the different areas. There are also plenty of external mezzanines and terraces, intersected by double-height doors, to allow occupants to take in the scenery.

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interior design of ayvalaan house ceiling

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