Backyard House on Amazon Can Be Built in a Day

If you want to see something amazing, check out the time-lapse videos of an Amish barn raising. It’s amazing how, in the course of a couple of days, a group of hard-working individuals can build such a large and functional building. Now it may not be a barn meant for herds of cattle and storing hay and equipment, but the backyard house offered on Amazon can be built in a single day.

backyard house sold in Amazon

The house is a simple structure that measures 172 square feet. Eighty-six square feet of that building is covered. According to the listing, the estimated assembly time for the house is about eight hours for two adults. What you end up with is a little house that is perfect as a home office or a guest house. You could even find other uses for it, like a garden shed.

The walls for the enclosed portion are 13/16 inches thick and are tongue and grove. The other two walls are glass and the sliding barn door. An open deck area is also provided. You do have to provide your own tools as well as the roofing shingles and the foundation. You’ll have to plan about another USD$150 for the roofing and around USD$170 for the foundation. Added to the USD$7,250 price and you’re coming out well ahead, especially since shipping is free.

While the description doesn’t mention it specifically, it looks like you can run electric and there is an image showing a possible plumbing setup.

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