BDB Arquitectos Acassuso Home Blends Modern and Natural

BDB Arquitectos Acassuso home blends modern materials such as glass, steel, and concrete with natural elements like wood and water to create a modern, yet welcoming home. Built in Acassuso, a province of Buenos Aires, Aregentina, the LRC house uses the simplicity of straight lines and right angles to maximum effect. The house at first appears modular—as if it were simply stacked blocks. Closer examination reveals a flow to the house that is appealing and comforting.

bdb arquitectos acassuso home bookshelf living area with staircase

The majority of the house is concrete, and unapologetically so. You can see the seams from the forms as well as the rough texture of the cement. At the same time, there are plenty of finished walls, with their smooth, clean, white textures. The mix is intriguing to the senses. The warmth of the home is achieved by the addition of different woods, both for the furniture and for parts of the structure, such as the stairs and some flooring. There is also a small pool that has been fenced in by a cement wall. The aqua-marine water contrasts nicely with the grey of the concrete. The same contrast is created by the green foliage and grass.

bdb arquitectos acassuso home dining area

A large portion of the house is also glass, allowing for an open and light feeling, despite the house being built of so much cement. The upper floor opens onto a deck with a large rotisserie oven for that delectable Argentinian barbeque.

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bdb arquitectos acassuso home dining room with veranda

bdb arquitectos acassuso home kitchen room full view

bdb arquitectos acassuso home kitchens inner decoration

bdb arquitectos acassuso home outside view from road

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