Bond Villains Pay Attention, the Stone House is Up for Sale

Situated on a small island in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, the Stack Rock Fort is up for sale. Should you be an evil genius bent on world dominance, you won’t find a better deal. Isolated, fortified, and filled with dark cellars perfect for staging doomsday devices or locking up and torturing special agents that have infiltrated your defenses, the Stack Rock Fort is an excellent place to start your campaign.

stone house different side view

It was Thomas Cromwell that first suggested a fortification at Stack Rock. In 1539, Cromwell brought up the idea, but it wasn’t meant to be. In 1748, Lewis Morris surveyed Milford Haven. His survey found that there were a number of shipwrecks and navigation issues that could be averted by building a fort on Stack Rock. Eventually, a fort was built there and became one of a string of forts that defended the middle part of Milford Haven as well as the Royal Naval Dockyard at Pembroke Dock. Between 1850 and 1852, a three-gun fort was built on the site. It was originally designed to have two decks of artillery, but only one was ever completed. The fort housed one officer and 30 men. In 1859, the site was upgraded with a new building that surrounded the original gun tower. The fort was disarmed in 1929.

While the building is listed as uninhabitable, it does have a Grade II designation—meaning every effort to preserve it should be taken. It has been listed with Purple Bricks.

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