The Brown House by D’Arcy Jones Combines Old and New

The Brown House is a 1200 square foot cabin that was designed by D’arcy Jones Architecture in 2014. The cabin is located in Comox Valley on the east coast of British Columbia, Canada, a seaside area known for its fertile farmlands and mountains that serve as a breathtaking backdrop for the valley.

darcy jones brown house evening view with tree

The cabin itself sits in a beautiful forested area. Starting fresh on native land, the owners had the Brown House built right across from an existing stacked log cabin, which they’d bought approximately 20 years ago as a vacation retreat, though the old cabin was built for self-sufficiency, as it was not designed for year-round use, and is therefore somewhat rudimentary.

When the couple retired in 2013, they decided that they wanted to build a permanent house on the same land for year-round use and utilise the existing cabin as a guesthouse for visitors. To achieve this goal, the architects created a courtyard between the two cabins, with a new wood shed acting as the third wall between the buildings. The slopes of the new shed and the new cabin seamlessly match the existing cabin’s slopes.

brown house shade with a bench cycle dog

The newer two-bedroom cabin was stuccoed with the same rough, rustic texture as the existing cabin, while the courtyard in between the two cabins feature birch trees and other vegetation. Two Douglas fir trees that had to be cut down during construction were repurposed as a bench, located between the homes. The floors are made of polished concrete and have radiant heating, the ceilings and kitchen cabinets are also made out of Douglas fir, and the countertops are constructed from quartz.

brown house passage between two cabin

The owners of this chic shack are thrill-seekers who love the great outdoors and ocean activities, so sheltered outdoor areas serve as storage for canoes and other adventure gear.

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brown house  entrance glass door pillars view

brown house roof front area bamboo plant view

brown house bathroom doors open view

brown house green plant view from bedroom

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