The Bunker is Arguably the Safest Play to Stay in Hamburg

The Hamburg Bunker is a part of world history. Originally built during a time when the people of Hamburg had to worry about air raids and war, this luxury, loft-style apartment is definitely secure. Originally, the bunker was built to protect the patients of the children’s hospital, which sat across the street. And you can tell. The 1.5 meter thick concrete walls, floors, and ceilings, would offer plenty of protection.

hamburg bunker decorated dining room

As a bunker, the building was built not only with thick walls, but also large open spaces to maximize the usable area. Large windows were cut into the south and east walls to allow in natural light, but to also give a view of Hamburg. Located on the fourth floor, the apartment has access to a spectacular sight. Two large balconies enhance the view even more, including being able to see the new opera house “Elbphilharmonie.” The apartment only sleeps two, but for the busy executive or business traveler, or for the couple looking for romance, the Bunker is just what you need.

hamburg bunker basin wall mirror infront of bathroom

You might be concerned that the apartment will have a tomb-like quality—it is, after all, a “bunker.” The spacious room combined with the large windows and four meter high ceiling make it seem more open. By embracing the concrete, which was done by hand when the building was first built, the space comes across as inviting and intriguing.

hamburg bunker decorated with sofa bonsai and flower vase

The apartment has a full kitchen and the amenities needed for a wonderful—and safe—stay in Hamburg.

hamburg bunker bedroom with relax chair and bonsai

hamburg bunker living room door open view

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