Buubble Hotel – Inside Iceland’s 5 Million Star Hotel

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are one of the most spectacular sights in the world to see. There is no better way to see them in Iceland’s Buubble Hotel. Also called the 5 Million Star Hotel, this unusual lodging is located just outside of the Golden Circle in Iceland.

buubble hotel outlook

The Buuble Hotel is tucked away in a secret forest about two hours from Reykjavik. It offers explorers the ultimate lodging for their adventure. It is a relaxing and peaceful place to stay thanks to the quiet location and fresh air. In the winter, you can gaze at the vibrant shades of the Northern Lights. And, in the summer, spend the nights falling asleep to the clear, starry sky ahead.

buubble hotel look view in night

Made up of five individual bubbles made of a transparent plastic, the 5 Million Star hotel offers guests exceptional views of the beautiful night sky. All of the bubbles are equipped with heating, comfy beds and power outlets. The structure is inflated by a quiet ventilation system. It renews the air two to seven times the volume per hour. This prevents the space from getting too humid.

lamp inside buubble hotel

There is also a nightstand, comfortable, sheets and a lamp inside the structure. There is plenty of space for two people and ample storage for backpacks. Toilets, a shower and kitchen are located in a separate building located on the property. This structure is brand new and features all of the amenities of home.

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buubble hotel other facilities

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