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Located in the heart of Sicily, Mussomeli sits just to the east of the Platani River. At an elevation of 765 meters above sea level, the village hosts 11,000 people. It’s a short distance to Agrigento and its historic temples and beautiful beaches. The village of Mussomeli has its own history as well.

Not only is it a prime example of ancient Sicily, it’s also the location of Manfredi’s Castle. The people there enjoy a laid back, slow, and relaxed life.

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So why does that matter to you? Because while it lasts, there’s an opportunity to buy a home in Mussomeli for only one euro. The offer is a part of a repopulation effort that the municipality of Mussolemi is embarking on. You can actually purchase a home in Mussolemi for only one euro, the only requirement is that you renovate the home you purchase within three years.

Buy a holiday home in Italy for a dollar

Mussolemi has faced a few challenges with its historic centre. During the ’70s, a housing boom saw many of its citizens move out of the historic areas and into new construction. Additionally, as the older generation passes, the homes haven’t been filled, leaving them vacant, while many of the younger generation have moved to larger cities in search of work.

Finally, Italy doesn’t charge property taxes on your first home, but if you own more than one, you pay a maxi-tax.

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If you’re looking to simplify and aren’t afraid of a little project, then this may be the opportunity for you.

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