Cabin GJ-9 by Gudmundur Jonsson Architects Is a Cosy Winter Retreat

Located in Bjergøy, Norway, the Modern Cabin GJ 9 is nestled just off a picturesque river. Designed by Gudmundur Jonsson Architects, this inviting winter retreat features clean lines. The stone and wood exterior meshes very well with the gorgeous natural setting of this cabin.

cabin gj 9 outer view on evening

This cabin features a large roof that helps keep the terrace dry during rainy days. The large panels of the roof also make the home appear more spacious.

The interior of this cabin provides a warm and cosy shelter from the cold Scandinavian climate. The large windows offer spectacular views of the breathtaking scenery outside the cabin. The interior has a modern, yet relaxing feel. It is the type of space that is perfect for winter nights spent cuddling near the stone fireplace with your girlfriend.

cabin gj 9 inner view

Two levels contain the bedrooms, living and dining area. These feature crisp, modern furnishings everywhere. The kitchen features a wood table that can seat up to six people. Wood accents abound throughout the interior of this cabin. There is a walkway that connects the dining and living space. The walkway offers magnificent views of the outdoors. Modern touches include LED lighting, an open floor plan and lots of clean lines.

cabin gj 9 veranda inside view on night

This cabin represents an excellent example of Scandinavian design at its best. With plenty of wood accents and textiles, this modern Scandinavian cabin is the ultimate winter abode.

The Cabin GJ-9 concept was originally designed for mass production. It is adaptable for multiple settings and environments making it perfect for that purpose.
cabin gj 9 corridor rack hanger and door

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