The Cabin at Longbranch is in Harmony with Nature

The Cabin at Longbranch is a lake house that was constructed by architect Jim Olson. Olson took more than 50 years renovating this house. Located in the Puget Sound area of Washington, the Cabin at Longbranch is an exemplary testament to Olson’s love of nature. This cabin is a peaceful retreat that is perfect for creative contemplation.

Renovations on the cabin first began in 1959. The cabin started out as a 14 square foot bunkhouse. It has been transformed into a breathtaking 240 square meter three bedroom lakeside cabin.

longbranch cabin lake house outer view

Each remodel and addition that Olson has made to the cabin has reused the previous structure rather than destroying it. This celebrates the cabin’s fascinating architectural history rather than destroy it.

The cabin, hidden among cedar and fir trees, was designed with nature in mind. Rather than destroying several nearby large trees to expand the cabin, Olson raised it up on stilts. A series of terraces and balconies frame the cabin. The structures were built around the trees. The large trees protrude through the deck. This design makes the cabin feel and look at one with nature.

longbranch cabin inside chair view

The architect used building materials that would harmonise with nature. Recycled boards cover the walls and the beams are made from exposed laminated timber. Fir flooring is used for both the outdoor and indoor spaces. The colour scheme features lots of grey and beige tones to reflect the Earthy expanses of the shore. Deep greens are also used to complement the colour of the surrounding forest.

longbranch cabin sitting area beside lake

The living room features a large window that frames the peaceful meadow view and helps blend the indoors and outdoors. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape.

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longbranch cabin lake house bedroom decoration

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