Can Canyis House by Estudio Caballero Colon

Estudio Caballero Colon must be in open competition with nature. How else would you explain the stunning house they created on one of the most beautiful vistas you’ll find on the Balearic Islands?

An archipelago off eastern Spain, the Balearic Islands are known for their Mediterranean beaches and scenic coastline. With plenty of marine life and dense shrubbery populating rocky outcrops, there is plenty to explore and see.

canyis garage house

It was in this idyllic setting that Estudio Caballero Colon decided to erect the Can Canyis House. Rather than simply getting lost in the surroundings, the house stands as a monument to incredible design. Built on several stone platforms, the home consists of multiple rectangular volumes.

The clean look of the home is accomplished by using smooth surfaces and large windows. Throughout the home, Estudio Caballero Colon used modern furnishings to tie the separate areas together. Because of the lateral framing, the light and shadows complement the wooden line work and the intersectional layout.

aerial view canyis house

Each of the four living areas is separate and have their own orientation that provides views to the bay at the foot of the mountain.

A stone deck holds a pool, and provides another stunning view of the area below. The house has three bedrooms, a kitchen, a utility room, and a living-dinner room.

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aerial view poolbedroom with ocean scenerycanyis kitchenCANYIS HOUSE