Casa Hualle Pays Homage to its Neighbor

Near the Villarrica volcano sits the Casa Hualle. The house was built by Ampuero Yutronic, an architecture and design studio brought together by Javier Ampuero Ernst and Catalin Yutronic. The house draws inspiration from the Andes mountains that surround it—more specifically from the active volcanoes of the Andes. The exterior of the house is clad in timber slats that have been stained to resemble the dark volcanic stone common in the area. The color may seem like an odd choice, but it actually helps the house to fit in with other homes in the area, which commonly use the volcanic stone for the exteriors of their homes.

villarrica volcano view by casa hualles window

The overall shape of the home is a two-story parallelogram. In the northeast corner of the home, the roof slants up, resembling the pitched roofs of most homes, while the rest of the home is flat roofed, which accents the peaked portion even more and breaks up the straight lines and right angles that dominate the rest of the house. The two-story construction allows for single and double height spaces. Windows seemed to be randomly placed from the outside, but inside you discover that they are in strategic locations so that they serve as frames for the picturesque setting. While the outside is dark, the inside contrasts nicely with the light color of washed plywood.

villarrica volcano view from crop field

The house stands out against the freshwater lakes and temperate rainforests of the area—much like the neighboring mountains and volcanoes.

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