Casa Oasis by Esquadra Arquitetos Creates Unity from Separation

Esquadra Arquitetos faced a peculiar challenge with their Casa Oasis project. The challenge was how to take the small gated community of eight lots, and encourage co-living. Separate homes give off that exact feeling—separate. Esquadra overcame this challenge by joining the homes together with a contoured metallic overhanging roof that covered glass walkways. The result was that the homes were not only joined, but it also gave the homes an updated, modern look.

lounge view oasis

That’s not to say that the Casa Oasis doesn’t have its privacy. It does. But there is still a strong sense of connection. The mezzanine of the home serves that function of creating privacy, yet with the mezzanine’s overlook, you can see into the rest of the home, creating connection. The swimming pool also creates that connected separation feel. It is located in the courtyard of the home, and acts as the heart of the property. The courtyard also opens to the Cerrado Forest. The forest serves as a lovely backdrop for the BBQ, and the outside dining area takes in that same view as well.

Check it out

casa oasis lounge area

side view casa oasis

casa oasis sky

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