Check Out the Most Beautiful Home in Wales

Check Out the Most Beautiful Home in Wales
December 7, 2017 Man of Many

Check Out the Most Beautiful Home in Wales

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The southern part of Wales can be a wet, cold and somewhat inhospitable place—which makes the warm, inviting architecture of the Silver House so perfect for the surrounding environment. Recently awarded by the Royal Society of Architects Wales as the “Best Building of 2017” along with “RSAW Award for Architecture,” this residential wonder from architects Hyde + Hyde is an elegant, conceptually clear piece of architecture without being constructed to be a home that is trying to stand out from every other building around it.

The ground floor is built with stonewalling as a nod to the medieval past of the area, yet a modern twist is added as well, with windows built into the corners of the structure to open the bottom floor up and allow more light in. These portal windows also cantilever over a reflecting pool that gathers rainwater from the roof above. Inside, exposed timber beams are evident on the ceilings of the bedrooms as a nod to the agricultural structures in the nearby rural area. And that aforementioned reflecting pool sheds light on a recording studio that has been built into the home’s basement. Upstairs there are windows that allow a tremendous amount of light to fill the common areas of the home and offer spectacular views of Oxwich Point.

Add a DeLorean to the driveway though and the Silver Home truly becomes next level.

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