Collection Suites Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Sun-drenched haven for retirees Miami continues to grow as a luxury and retirement community. People are buying multi-million dollar condos and homes, but for all that this locale has going for it, it has lacked a place to keep valuables like high-end cars, fine wines, rare art, and other exclusive—and expensive—goods. Collection Suites is filling that need with private and secure storage units that not only keep your items safe, but allow you to display them as well.

lounge view collection suites

The private unites measure from 2,057 square feet to 2,076 square feet. These aren’t your typical storage lockers. They have both plenty of open space and amenities, like bathrooms with luxury finishes, Italian finished cabinets, LED lighting, black Italian ceramic floors, Swiss wood floors, appliances, a fully integrated entertainment system, and air conditioning with CO2 emission alert. Owners can host parties and business meetings in these suites, or just come down to enjoy their collections privately.

kitchen view suites

With all that could be stored here, you might think that this place would be a thief’s dream. Collection Suites is prepared for that with a state of the art security system and on-site management. The suites are also security gated and guarded. They also provide vetted and certified sub-contractors to help take care of the collections, especially the vehicles.

inside view suites

This idea is sure to be a hit—after all, why have luxury items if all you’re going to do is hide them away in a safe somewhere and never enjoy them

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