Copia Eco Cabins Upcycle into Luxury

The Copia Luxury Eco Cabins started as an obsession with viewing projects taking old shipping containers and turning them into living spaces. Over a three-year period, the idea germinated until finally, in 2015, Copia founder Lucas sold his business and took the leap into doing his own container conversion project. The result was luxury cabins that are the perfect romantic getaways that also help save the environment through upcycling.

copia luxury eco cabins dining room and veranda

Copia started as a collection of pictures from the internet and a general idea of how things should turn out. The original plan called for completion in two months, but it took four to get it all done. The cabins are located on a family farm in South Africa, and that’s the first contribution to the romantic atmosphere. Whether you’re enjoying the spread of the verdant valley below the cabin, or marveling at the starry expanse above, the setting couldn’t be more conducive to connecting with each other and nature.

copia luxury eco bedroom with bathtub

Not only are the cabins green through their recycled nature, they’re also completely off-grid, relying solely on solar energy for electricity. The cabins feature all the amenities you’ll need—including a wood fired hot tub for relaxing. Access is limited, being only available on a gravel road.

copia eco cabins veranda sofa and bathtub

Copia Cabins started with a vision of reusing wasted materials, and turned that into a luxurious oasis.

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copia luxury eco cabins hurricane room heater sofa

copia eco cabins bathtub sink high commode view

copia eco cabins bedroom view

eco cabins kitchens food decoration on dining table

eco cabins living room veranda and outside view

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