This Czech Forest Retreat is a Bug Out Mansion

The Czech Forest Retreat designed by Uhlik architekti is hidden away in the area between Central and South Bohemia. Forests of trees and boulders surround the area, keeping it remote and secret—just what the client was looking for. With a stressful and demanding job, the client needed somewhere that he could escape to and “hole up” while he gathered his strength and recharged before heading back into the office. Unfortunately, cabins can often turn into projects and work, rather than being places of respite. Not so with the Czech Forest Retreat.

light inside cabin czech forest

The retreat is simplicity itself. The space measures only 3.1 meters by 5.8 meters. A landing serves as the base for the retreat, while the remainder of the building angles up to rest on one of the many boulders in the area. The landing area has a sliding glass door, while the area resting on the boulder opens up into a large picture window. Both can be shut off from the world by large hinged doors.

entrance cabin czech forest

The building is made of charred wood on the outside and OSB on the inside. Four platforms form a large staircase, with the tops opening to reveal storage area. These steps can serve as benches as well as sleeping platforms. The entire space is heated by a small stove.

inside view cabin czech in forest

This cabin keeps things simple so that it can achieve its purpose—providing a space of respite and recuperation.

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forest retreat cabin czech window open

forest retreat cabin czech