Donaldsons Road House Will Make You Want to Stay Home

No need for a walk-about when you have a home like the one built by Steve Domoney Architecture. Situated in the Australian countryside, the Ancona house is built on a 50-acre site in the middle of one of Australia’s most unique ecosystems. The two-story structure is surrounded by farmland, with pastures all around and a five-acre garden.

garden view road house

The house features both metal and wood. Pavilions surround the main floor, where you’ll find a living and dining area, a kitchen, and a mezzanine studio. The living area is enclosed by glass walls that provide a view of the countryside. A large fireplace makes the room feel more homely.

Donaldsons Road House

Joining the house on the plot is a garden arbour, a utility barn, and a hobby studio—each a separate and independent structure. Domoney expertly blends the natural textures of wood and stone with metal glass to create a warm and inviting setting.

outside view house

Domoney Architecture has been around since 1996. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the firm works on a range of projects, from small residential renovations to new homes and even commercial, retail, and resorts.

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lounge view donaldson house

garage at donaldson house

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