Downsized, Diminutive, Discerning – Tiny Ski Lodge

We live in the world of sky high housing prices. Thus, our only choice is to downsize our housing dreams to stay friendly to the bank balance. Two skiing enthuasists, Chris and Tamara did just that, but they were actually able to live their dream. And this dream was to stay outdoors for as long as possible and ski right out the front door. This $95k ski lodge on wheels is just 240 square feet and sits on a 30 feet long triple axle trailer to allow for easy transportation.

tiny ski lodge extreme living room

And in this miniature home, there is a double bedroom, kitchen, living area, bathroom, crafts room and hot tub. And yes, you did read the last two correctly, they have room for a crafts room and a hot tub. Made out of pine, corrugated metal and insulated panels, this tiny transporter can withstand temperatures ranging between -45C and 65C, which means it’s equipped for anything mother nature decides to throw at it.

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tiny house roof railing view