Driftwood Chalet by Atelier Boom-Town Will Change with the Passing Years

Montreal architecture firm Atelier Boom-Town has given the owners of the Driftwood Chalet something to look forward to. By covering the holiday home with cedar planks, the architects designed a home that will gradually change its looks as the wood naturally silvers thanks to the sea air.

Overlooking an estuary in Quebec’s La Malbaie, an area located downstream from the Saint Lawrence River, “The development takes shape here, like a piece of driftwood, carried by time and currents, offering a haven of relaxation, humble and discreet, set against the opulent beauty of the landscape”, says the firm.

Driftwood Chalet

The home consists of two parts that intersect. Designed in the shapes of traditional Canadian farmhouses, the home has a dark sheet metal roof, which contrasts now with the cedar walls, and will contrast even more as the wood silvers. Inside, the home stays simple, with monochrome tones and wood accents.

The floor is a polished concrete slab that makes up the split levels. In one level you’ll find the social spaces, including the kitchen, living, and dining room. A full-height window provides a view of the beautiful estuary. The other level holds the three bedrooms and a reading nook. On the south, a sliding glass door opens to a terrace between the home’s two wings.

Driftwood Chalet atelier boom town

The Driftwood Chalet is a home that will change with the family, taking on new character as the years pass by.

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kitchen area driftwood chalet

dining area driftwood chalet

driftwood cabin

bathroom view cabin

outside view driftwood chalet