East Lake House Reveres Nature

The East Lake House, designed by Robert Young Architects, may have been built with the express purpose of tying into and revering nature, but it is in and of itself a thing of beauty as well. The house, built on the shores of Lake Montauk (which connects to Block Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean), was clad in rough-sawn cedar planks that were left untreated. As the home ages, so will the planks, giving the home a natural look that will blend nicely with the eastern Long Island atmosphere.

entrance of east lake house on daylight

The dwelling actually consists of two separate buildings. One serves as the main home; the other includes a garage/boathouse and guest quarters.

lake house setting place beside on pool

It wasn’t just the cedar planks that were chosen for their aging properties. The gabled roofs were sheathed in raw zinc that will take on a mottled patina over time. The hardware is solid bronze, which will require little maintenance but will age beautifully. The interior was painted white and was fitted with white oak flooring as well as Moroccan tiles.

east lake house bathroom tub and wash besin

The entire project was designed to be unobtrusive—the real stand out of the property is Lake Montauk, as was intended. The home maximizes the natural beauty of the surroundings with large windows that offer incredible views. The buildings were also situated in such a way as to capture the cool breeze coming in from the Atlantic. As simple as this home is, it’s a work of art that will only get better with the years.

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east lake house backyard view

east lake house entrance view on evening

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