Eat with the Fishes in This Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Did you know that in Norwegian the word “under” means both “below” and “wonder”? It’s the perfect name for the new restaurant which has been unveiled by Snøhetta Design. Under is a simple building in terms of shape—it’s a monolithic building that measures 34 metres in length. What makes it unique is that it is half-submerged in the water off the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline.

The structure is made of half-metre-thick concrete walls which are designed to become a part of the marine environment. The rough texture of the concrete will allow for limpets and kelp to inhabit it. As the building gets adopted, more marine life will become a part of it, helping to fulfil the secondary purpose of Under as a research facility for scientists to observe the population of the area.

The concrete structure is designed to withstand the rough sea conditions while also providing a view of the seabed. As the seasons and conditions change, so will the view, providing unique entertainment and valuable data.

restaurant view

The restaurant itself will seat 35-40 guests every night, who will dine on high quality, locally sourced produce. The menu will have a focus on sustainable wildlife capture. Nicolai Ellitsgaard will head the kitchen, which will feature a 16-person team who have been assembled from top Michelin restaurants. The restaurant is completed and is located in Lindesnes, Norway.

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Under Restaurabt by Snohetta

Under Restaurant by Snohetta Exterior

aerial view underwater restaurant