Enjoy Nordic Boat Life at the Naustet Stokkoya

Just off the northern coast of Norway is an island called Stokkoya. The island’s rocky shore plays home to the Naustet Stokkoya Boathouse, created by Fur arkitekter and Agraff arkitektur. In this rugged setting, guests can enjoy not only modern Scandinavian design, but also luxurious trappings and a true Nordic experience.

Naustet Stokkoya boathhouse lounge

The cabin was commissioned by a couple out of Tronheim and was built to replace an old boathouse already on site. The modern design is simplistic, and dominated by triangles—from the slants of the roof to the shapes of the windows. The exterior is clad is spruce planks that have been treated with linseed oil to protect them from the extremes in weather that Norway experiences. The linseed oil also darkened the planks, which helps the house to blend in with the rock of the shoreline. The house partially on the rock and a concrete slab, but also on concrete piers that let the house hang out over the water. A deck extends even further out. Here, an outdoor kitchen features a Robuto grill where guests can cook up their catches. You can also slip outside to enjoy the sauna and hot tub, or to gain access to the beach.

Naustet Stokkoya. A luxurious and unique boathhouse kitchen

Inside there is a gourmet kitchen with all the utensils and equipment you could possibly need to make a delicious meal. Of, if cooking isn’t on the itinerary for your vacation, you can call in a chef to prepare your meals while you enjoy cocktails from the bar. When it’s time to call it a night, guests head upstairs to the four loft bedrooms, which are suspended from the gabled ceiling.

Naustet Stokkoya bedroom

The cabin is called ‘Naustet’—the Norwegian word for a traditional boathouse—in reference to the previous building. While there are boats nearby, the real purpose of the house, according to the clients’ request, was to create a place where they could entertain guests with “unique food experiences rooted in Norwegian coastal culture.” With all the amenities and the extreme proximity to the water, this will definitely be a place for unique experiences.

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Naustet Stokkoya boathhouse