Escape to the Spanish Countryside in the Fontanars Vineyard Cottage

A secluded countryside escape with all the amenities of living in a modernised house is a reality in this Fontanars Vintage Cottage. While one can easily just step outside most rural homes, this home itself reveals the surrounding landscape at just about every turn, creating a unique visual experience for the resident.

fontanars vineyard cottage lobby area

nature view from fontanars vineyard cottage drawing room

Valencia-based architect Ramon Esteve and his team constructed the Fontanars Vineyard Cottage in the outskirts of the Fontanars village. The home maximises its exposure to the beautiful, surrounding countryside due to it’s amazing location between Spanish vineyards and pine forests. While the basic shape of the home itself is a very long rectangle, other natural, wooden rooms have been built to bisect this rectangular spine.

Each of these rooms have sliding glass doors on their outer ends, not only giving a view of the surrounding countryside but also allowing the walls to literally be removed and the occupants to be even closer to the nature around them. The Vineyard Cottage has also been built to maximise both the summer and winter sun throughout the year, making it both bright and energy efficient.

This could be the future of the rural countryside getaway.

Check it out

fontanars vineyard cottage drawing room with entrance

fontanars vineyard cottage sitting area for view countryside

fontanars vineyard cottage veranda with entrance

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