Escape to the L’Angolo Estate Tasting Room

Recently, US studio Lever Architecture completed an amazing tasting room for a family-owned winery that fearures sloped roofs, alarming overhangs, and contemporary walls comprised of white-cedar and glass. The L’Angelo Estate is in Yamhill County, Oregon and is tucked away behind a forests, farms, and vineyards. This particular property spans 29 acres and is just about as scenic as you can get.

l angolo estate tasting room inner view

When Lever was presented this concept, they had three objectives to keep in mind. The space had to be indicative of the family’s winemaking philosophy, had to embrace the context within the industry, and had to fuse the two seamlessly.

With extreme precision and talent, the architects built a simple wood-framed structure with dual overhangs that angle in opposite directions creating and impactful juxtaposition from first-glance. The firm was inspired in this concept from the broad-canopied, native-to-Oregon, oak trees that populate the surrounding valleys.

The rear of the tasting room is coiled in a terrace that overlooks the glorious vineyards and peaks that blanket the beautiful terrain. An outdoor fireplace and modern seating arrangements allow this to perhaps be the ideal spot to sample any of the Vineyard’s finest offerings.

Always innovating, Lever Architecture is already discussing plans to come back in and implement solar panel technology to help run the facility.

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