Fall in Love with this Architectural Gem: The Lille Aroya Cabin

Back in 2014, architecture firm Lind Hagem, designed an outrageously delicate site that has come to be known as the Lille Aroya Cabin. The site is an amalgam of several fun-size islands that previously had no real purpose besides collecting floating debris.

boy walk on lille aroya cabin

The structure is set upon a beautiful timber foundation which seamlessly transitions from interior to exterior without perceptible boundaries. Untreated and bare wood beams, raw steel columns, and an ivory-white fireplace make up most of the houses’ skeleton. These bones encompass a fully functional home with one bed, two baths, a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

boy watching outside from lille aroya cabin

Gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows span the length of the cabin and bring a modern touch to the rustic and natural site. Through the expansive windows, you can see a neatly-decorated space spruced with mid-century modern oddities and raw appliances, giving a perfect compliment to the new age design of the structure itself.

lille aroya cabin on top of rock mountain

Up close, the site looks like a meticulously detailed art installation and from afar you could confuse it for a James Bond hideaway. Lund Hagem has designed a truly unique site and repurposed a previously uninhabited and vacant space into something quite magical.

Check it out

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