Fan Forest Houses Invite You to Get Away

Set on a gentle, grassy slope in the forests just outside of Deutschnofen, Italy, lay three stunning cabins known as the Fan Forest Houses. Built on concrete foundations, the houses are clad in black timber that helps them to blend in with the country setting. While the exterior is a dark grey, inside the houses feel warm and inviting thanks to the lighter coloured planking adorning the walls and ceiling.

sitting facing the view in fan forest house balcony

The large, open living room feels even grander thanks to the glazed wall that reveals stunning views. Beyond the glass wall is a cantilevered terrace where occupants can go to enjoy nature even more.

chair near the window inside fan forest house

Each house sits positioned in a different direction, giving rise to the “fan” name and allowing for unique views of the mountains that surround them. Access to the homes is gained through a wooden bridge that connects to a covered entrance. The approach invites you to put away your worldly distractions as you enter a place meant for rest and relaxation.

fan forest house black timber wall

You can find your escape in these picturesque homes.

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Fan Forest Houses country setting