The Fish Creek House is Architectural Art in Farmland

Winner of the 2017 Victorian Architecture Award among many others, the Fish Creek House from Edition Office is a remarkably designed structure, satirizing the Nazi bunkers that were left all over Europe after World War II. It has managed to rearrange the layout of a standard home and turns it into a structure that creates both indoor and outdoor rooms as part of the home’s overall footprint. For example, to get from one end of the home to the other, you will follow a long hallway that passes by and through a number of outdoor rooms and atriums. Gardens have been planted in a number of rooms and windows have been built to allow sight lines through long sections of the home, spanning multiple rooms and hallways.

fish creek house wooden log store area

As for the exterior, one side of the house overlooks the eponymously named Fish Creek with magnificent walls of windows, while the other side is bricked in, making it look like a hunkered, unremarkable structure from behind—as bunkers tend to be upon first blush. On one of the smaller rectangular end is a garage while on the other there is a patio with small sunken gardens that opens up to the surrounding agrarian landscape.

With the luxurious amenities inside, however, you won’t even know you’re living in a Nazi bunker.

Check it out

fish creek house plant with dining view

fish creek house sitting area beside fireplace

fish creek house kitchen full view

fish creek house wall view from out side

man walking on way of fish creek house

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