Frank Kunert’s “Small Worlds” Offers Twisted Perception

By creating your own world as an artist, you can control everything that’s in it, the message you want to send and the feeling you want to convey. This is repeated in a wide variety of different artistic mediums namely in the art of Frank Kunert. He takes model building that one is accustomed to seeing in the lobby or conference room of an architect’s office to the next artistic level.

frank kunert good stairs and tree design

With an eye towards larger meanings through his work, Kunert quite literally builds models that portray snapshots into different surreal worlds from his imagination, by creating miniatures that look like they exist as structures in the real world. Each looks almost real because the miniatures are actually real, small sets that Kunert constructs in his studio. These model worlds are then lit and shot with a large format camera, making them truly come to life. And each piece is also thought provoking in some way—from the high dive into a massive toilet to the elevated outdoor office, covered in snow to the office building with the showerhead spraying out piles of gold. These pieces all slyly play with our sense of perception and make us look at the real world around us in a new way.

And that’s exactly what all great art should do.

Check it out

frank kunert nagarv daula art

frank kunert door

frank kunert drawing room

frank kunert choco car art

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