FUGU Hospitality Offers Modular Geodesic Cabins for Hotels

Ever wanted to get back to nature, but can’t fathom giving up the creature comforts? Turns out you aren’t alone. Back in 2011, a group of individuals saw an opportunity coming on the horizon. They formed FUGU and began offering unconventional solutions to the hospitality industry that were based on providing access to adventure without violating the ecology. These solutions are modular structures that have all the comforts of a high-end hotel room, but give the open air and nomadic feel of a cabin lost in the woods.

fugo modular hotel lounge area

The cabins are geodesic domes and can be set up pretty much anywhere. FUGU has gone to the expense of testing them in some of the most extreme climates, yet guests have been perfectly comfortable in the fully closed, insulated, heated and air-conditioned cabins. The domes feature solar ventilation and utilise passive air circulation. Because of the dome shape, the heat flow exchange and distribution is more effective and efficient. They also have less surface area that is exposed to the elements. While you can connect water and power, you can also go completely off-grid with the domes. FUGU offers water purification systems that collect shower and grey water, disinfect it, and then recycle it in real time for immediate reuse.

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The cabins are made of wood, and in addition to being a renewable resource, the wood provides a natural warmth to the ambience. Because of the design, the rooms can be set up on pilings or terraces, making them safer for the environment. The cabins come as either a 30 square metre room that accommodates two people, or a 40 square metre cabin that can fit up to four. FUGU will also completely customize the domes to meet your needs, so you could use it either for your hotel or to create a studio, office, work area, or home. While the frame stays the same, FUGU offers options for the membrane color, finishes, interior, openings, and more. Pricing for the domes starts at around $28,000.

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