Get 16 People to Rent this Spanish Medieval Castle on Airbnb

In the centre of historic Ripolles, Spain, sits a castle that you and a group of friends can rent during your next European vacation. Nestled in a valley that features rivers and mountains, the Llaes castle can be booked out for $413.25 a night—if you have a group of 16, that cost comes down to just over $25 a piece.

Spanish Medieval Castle lounge area

Llaes castle is a tenth-century edifice set at the feet of the Pyrenees mountains, with nearby Puigmal peak the highest in the range, standing at 9,557 feet. Around the castle, you’ll find Romanesque churches and castles dating back to the tenth and twelfth centuries dotting the valley. Many were part of the Count of Barcelona, Wilfred the Hairy’s efforts to increase the Catalan population in the area during the ninth century. Aside from castles and churches, the area is also host to the monasteries of Santa Maria in Ripoll, Saint Joan de les Abadesses, and Sant Pere in Camprodon. The largely untouched landscape is the true miracle to behold, however. For centuries, the area has been a source of metalworking, papermaking, and other businesses, with the remnants of a strong iron and coal mining industry still visible.

Spanish Medieval Castle master bedroom

The authentic feel of the castle has been carefully maintained. The stone walls and exposed beams give a tenth-century vibe. The rooms are large and spacious, with plenty of space to find a quiet moment, or to gather together. Chandeliers add to the feel while also providing plenty of light, and the wood furniture gives an added dimension of history. There are eleven beds placed in eight bedrooms with four bathrooms.

It’s no easy task taking the whole scene in, so it’s best to step out on the veranda for an unforgettable view of the valley spread out below the castle. The hosts—and their pet—live on the property to take care of any needs you may have. So grab 16 of your closest friends and start planning your next getaway.

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Spanish Medieval Castle