Get Your Hands on a Switzerland Restaurant Business on a Mountainside Cliff

Imagine driving up a steep snowy mountainside road and finding a quaint cabin-like structure that you soon recognize to be an interestingly situated restaurant. That mountainside restaurant is the iconic Äscher restaurant. It has become a success to the point where a lucrative exit strategy has been formed to sell the popular restaurant.

restaurant front view in switzerland

There are challenge to running an inn like this one in Switzerland. First off, there are problems with the infrastructure and a limited space for improvement. This led to a decision to sell to someone more qualified, according the inn management.

The current managers are Nicole and Bernhard Knechtle-Fritsche. They will surrender the inn at the close of the 2018 season. That means new tenants will have to occupy the popular restaurant made Internet famous. The restaurant was named on of the five most interesting restaurants around the world by Huff Post. It also featured on National Geographic’s “Destinations of a Lifetime” program.

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