Gibraltar Skywalk Ties into the Force

The Gibraltar Skywalk takes advantage of an existing WWII base structure to bring to life the Gibraltar Nature Reserve in a way previously unknown. The Skywalk stands 340 meters above sea level and offers a 360 degree view of not only the reserve, but also three countries and two continents. From the Skywalk, you can also gain access via walking trails to the Windsor Suspension Bridge as well as the Apes’ Den.

side view from gibraltar skywalk glass veranda

The idea of a glass skywalk may make many people uneasy, but you couldn’t be safer on the Gibraltar Skywalk. The Skywalk can stand up to wind speeds in excess of 150 kilometers per hour and can hold up the weight of five 340 people (about the weight of five Asian elephants)—not that you’ll ever see more than the limit of 50 people on the walk at any time, or any elephants at all. What makes the Skywalk so strong is the four layers of laminated glass that make up the floor and balustrade panels. Enough glass was used for the Skywalk that if you laid it all out side by side, it would cover 750 square meters. That’s enough area for four tennis courts. The walk way projects from the rock 6.7 meters and is 2.5 meters wide.

walking trails in skywalk gibraltar

Appropriately enough, the grand opening of the Skywalk was performed by Mark Hamill—Luke “Skywalker.”

Check it out

ocean view from gibraltar skywalk

evening view from the gibraltar skywalk

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