Do You Go to the Ice Q Mountain Restaurant for the View or the Food?

The Ice Q Mountain Restaurant sparks the question of whether you’re going there for the view or for the food—either way, you’ll get way more than you bargained for.

ice q mountain restaurant steward serve on the dining

The Ice Q sits in the tops of the Alps—3,048 meters above sea level to be exact. All around, there are spectacular views of over 250 three-thousand meter mountains. Whether you’re enjoying the view from the restaurant, the bistro, or the terrace, you’ll be treated to sights few people have ever experienced. Astute observers, and James Bond fans, will recognize the setting as one of the areas visited by the MI-6 agent in the movie Spectre. Skiers will also recognize the location as that of Gaislachkoglbahn in Solden.

ice q mountain restaurant night view from yard

Wine tasters will also appreciate the altitude in the flavor of the Pinot Noir, which is matured on the summit in barrique oak barrels. The Wine and Tapas Lounge features other wines as well as champagnes and other spirits.

ice q mountain restaurant food decoration

As for the food, Ice Q’s restaurant will fit the bill. Head chef Patrick Schnedl uses fine products to arrange and create delightful gourmet meals that match the views.

ice q mountain restaurant glass wall view

If you’re headed to Ice Q with romance in your heart, then you’ll discover that it is perfectly equipped to provide unforgettable nuptials. And with Das Central, a 5-star luxury resort, below, your wedding will have everything you need.

If business is on your mind, the meeting room has everything you need to lead and inspire your team.

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