Gudmundur Jonsson Serves up Casa G on Ice

When you’re designing a house to match the rugged and rough country of Iceland, you have to land a balance of beauty and brawn. Icelandic architect Gudmundur Jonsson has established a reputation of being able to do just that. His newest project, Casa G, fits right in with the wilderness of the northern island.

kitchen in casa g

The exterior of the home proudly puts on display the linear concrete that makes up part of the home. But just like the rocky land also has forests, the home has a curved and slanted wood wall in contrast to the concrete. Finally, large glazed walls finish off the exterior, allowing for incredible views of the surrounding countryside.

For warmer days, occupants can venture out onto the balcony or enjoy the patio area that has been paved with black stone. Inside, visitors are first greeted by the slate stone flooring, a look that is matched with the cabinets.

Much like the exterior has a contrast of wood and stone, the living area also has wood and glass to contrast with the slate. What isn’t wood or slate is painted a soft white, which makes the home more inviting.

lounge view casa g

Gudmundur Jonsson captured the rugged beauty of Iceland in Casa G, creating a dwelling worthy of the untamed country.

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studio view casa g

casa g staircase

front view casa g

night scenery in casa g