Hartley’s Designs Join a Hideaway with Herne Bay

The Herne Bay Hideaway by Lloyd Hartley Architects once stood as a home built in the 1960s that confronted its setting, rather than blending with it. The home had a very car-centric design that just didn’t work with the picturesque setting overlooking Cox’s Bay in Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour Lloyd Hartley was commissioned to change that.

lounge area herne bay hideaway

Hartley started by taking the brusque entryway and transforming it into a covered entry courtyard. The new entryway had the house bridging over it, making it a more friendly entrance. Approaching the house now is a more pleasant experience, mainly due to the more open views, especially of the mature Pohutukawa trees. The gabled ceiling stretches through the majority of the home, creating a sense of unity and openness throughout the 400 square meters.

Big, spacious areas invite visitors to congregate while also allowing personal space even in a large gathering. Whites and blacks, along with the natural tones and textures of wood and stone, make the home feel pristine and welcoming. Oversized sliding glass doors open up to a covered deck where the view of the bay is mesmerizing. The opened doors bridge the gap between home and nature, and allow the refreshing breeze off the bay to enliven the home.

Check it out

dining area herne bay

black chair herne bay

dining area herne bay hideaway

herne bay hideaway kitchen area

sliding door herne bay hideaway

herne bay hideaway entrance

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