Hunters Hill House Roars into the 2020s

The 1920s appropriately earned the nickname “the roaring ‘20s.” Post World War I, society was ready for big changes—and change came in technology, entertainment, culture, and architecture. Nearly 100 years later, many homes built in the 1920s are still standing. One such home was built in the Hunters Hill suburb in Sydney, Australia.

Though there was plenty of history behind the home, it didn’t meet the needs of a modern family. Additionally, the close proximity to the neighbor’s home made privacy a concern.

Hunters Hill House inside look

Rozelle-based architect Joshua Mulders developed a plan that divided the home into parts. A large, open layout expansion was added to the back of the home, while in the front, the rooms were modified. The brickwork that was removed for these projects was reused in the addition to help tie the home together and to continue the texture and historical reference of the home.

Mulders also used period features that were refurbished to help create more of a contrast between the two divisions. The addition in the rear of the home makes use of stark angles and bold lines to create a more modern feel. The open living spaces benefit from floor to ceiling glazed walls that lead out into the yard, making the home feel even more spacious.

kitchen hunters hill house

With the changes to the home, it’s now ready to enter into a new period of change, leading to another century of history.

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