Inbox Capsule Hotel Revives Sleeping Compartments

Hostels are a mainstay for travellers on a budget and for those looking to have unique experiences away from the more commercial locations. The Inbox Capsule Hotel in Saint Petersburg offers the hostel experience, only with a bit more privacy. The basic concept is exemplified by the hotel’s most economical option, the SmartBox. The SmartBox is a dormitory style room with 6 to 16 pods.

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These plywood-lined pods are sleeping compartments similar to what you might have seen on the Orient Express. Each pod has a mattress, individually controlled ventilation and air conditioning, a personal locker, and a roller shade for privacy. If that still sounds a little too communal, you can opt for the MonoBox, which offers a private room with a half bath. Couples can opt for the DoubleBox, which has an en-suite bathroom. The setup of the hotel is meant to encourage mingling with fellow guests, which often happens in the kitchen, the library, or the dining area.

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For the sightseer, the Inbox Capsule Hotel is located centrally in Saint Petersburg, near the Church on Spilled Blood, the Summer Garden, and the Chernyshevskaya Metro Station. The hotel was designed by DA Architects and has room for 24 guests.

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