Jeff Bezos’s New AUD$114 Million New York Apartment

It must be nice to have spare change lying around so that you can buy an apartment in New York City. Before you go digging for change in your sofa, we’re not talking the average guy’s idea of spare change. No, we’re talking Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon. Bezos just slapped down AUD$114 million for three condos on Manhattan’s 212 Fifth Avenue.

Million dollar new york apartment of Jeff Bezos

The three apartments consist of the penthouse suite and the two apartments below it. In total, the combined apartment will have 12 bedrooms with more than 17,000 square feet of living space. The apartments are part of a 24 storey tower near Madison Square Park. Originally built in 1912 as a manufacturing building, the tower was later redeveloped as condos.

It’s an interesting move for Bezos. Last year, Amazon had pursued a headquarters campus for the Queens neighbourhood in Long Island City. Backlash from local politicians and community leaders led to Amazon backing out of the deal. Many had supposed that that spelled the end of Amazon’s presence in New York, but this purchase may suggest that Bezos intends to move operations toward Manhattan instead.

It might be a move to keep up with Google, which has been buying up property and hiring a lot of the top talent in the New York area. Whatever the reasoning, for Bezos, whose net worth is somewhere in the USD$155 billion range, the purchase didn’t burn too much of a hole in his pocket.

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