The Jungalow House Adds Levels to Living

Built in Surat, India, the Jungalow House takes full advantage of multiple levels to provide a unique living space. Neogenesis Studios put the 6,000 square feet to use, developing a home that met the needs of an agriculturist and his family. That agricultural influence is evident with the addition of an interior courtyard as well as hanging vines and other plant life. The home warrants the name of Jungalow—a mix of jungle and bungalow.

jungalow house circle window and ceiling nature decoration

The house is primarily concrete and maintains, for the most part, the expected square and rectangle shapes that are so common with concrete dwellings. The surprise addition of circular openings and windows gives the Jungalow a different look, making it stand out from other homes. Public spaces are kept to the ground floor, while private spaces are sequestered in upper floors. A total of three floors allow for plenty of space for occupants. Highlights of wood and other textures keep the home from feeling cold and tomblike.

jungalow house circle and square window view

The highlight of the home is its interior courtyard that can be opened up to allow nature into the home. Green is a common element in the home—but only the green of foliage. The climate of the area is typically dry, but a monsoon season does hit the area in mid-June, which helps keep the feeling of urban-farming alive in the Jungalow.

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jungalow house sitting area beside the staircase

jungalow house dining garden and the staircase

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