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Kat Von D’s $15 Million Mansion Comes with a ‘Blood Pool’

Kat Von D, the tattoo artist best known for her role in the reality TV series “LA Ink,” is looking for something a little different from the famous Los Angeles mansion. The artist will be taking her family to Indiana. Why? “We just felt the need to plant roots in a small town where there is nature, where my son can be free to play, and where we can eventually retire one day,” she wrote in Instagram. That means she’ll be putting up her mansion for sale, and she’ll be making a tidy profit off of it. Originally purchased for USD$6.5 million, Von D’s celebrity home is selling for USD$15 million.

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The Victorian mansion was built in 1896 by Isaac Newton Van Nuys. Later, the house starred as the home of the 2003 film “Cheaper by the Dozen.” The house is built on a lot measuring 27,000 square feet. The house itself measures 12,565 square feet and has 11 bedrooms and 8 and ½ bathrooms sprawled out through three stories. It also has a massive pool that is blood red and the property is “gated and secure.”

A grand lounge offers views of the surrounding neighbourhood—if you can take your eyes off of the Regency-style room’s green walls, painted ceiling, and gold accents. A formal living room features dark-wood panelling with a marble fireplace. Or you can find your way to the matching library with shelves of books and two large mirrors. The dining room is dressed in linen-fold panelling and features stained glass windows.

Food for the dining room comes out of a “chef-quality kitchen” done in dark wood and marble. And if you’re up for a little mystery, you can find the secret door that leads to a hidden bar with hand-carved walls. Not to be outdone, the bathrooms are also works of art. While Kat Von D may be looking for the simple life for her and her family, the next owner of this mansion will be set with a home that is as striking as it is beautiful.

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