Koto Modular Homes Define Open Air Living

The word “Koto” is Finnish for “cozy at home,” and it perfectly describes the modular homes built by the company with the same name. The prefabricated cabins are designed by U.K.-based husband and wife team Johnathon and Zoe Little. The homes are designed with a Scandinavian aesthetic—meaning that they are open and airy, making them welcoming and comfortable.

Koto Modular Homes with two chairs balcony

The cabins range in size from a 161-foot studio to a 430 square foot home with two bedrooms. Being modular, the cabins are completely customisable and can be turned into your bespoke getaway. Little details can be found throughout these cabins. The showers are decked out in bronze accessories and a built-in window seat looks to be the perfect place to curl up with your favourite book.

Concealed storage areas help to increase the livable square footage.

Koto Modular Homes front view

On the outside, the unique angles attract the eye, giving the homes a look that easily separates them from any others. The exteriors are clad in Siberian larch that has been charred to give it a black timber look. The slanting wedge roof serves the dual purpose of both attracting the eye but also proving more space inside. Floor to ceiling windows also help to make the home feel more expansive while also letting in more natural light.

The approach subscribes to another Finnish word: “Frilufsliv,” which means outdoor living. These prefabricated, modular homes are meant to be set up wherever you want, and they are the perfect invitation to go out and enjoy the world. The Norwegian poet Ibsen described this philosophy as “the value of spending time in the remote outdoors for spiritual and mental wellbeing,” and that’s what the Littles are accomplishing with Koto.

“We are creating beautiful small buildings that allow people to connect with nature and embrace outdoor living,” note the couple.

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Koto Modular Homes side view

Koto Modular Homes with nature

Koto Modular Homes overlooking the ocean