Need a Little Lift? Stay in The Krane, Denmark’s Uplifting Upcycling

The Krane hotel in Copenhagen is an example of taking upcycling to the extreme. Upcycling is the practice of taking by-products and waste materials and using them to create something new. The Krane took an actual coal crane and turned it into a hotel, spa, and reception center.

copenhagen krane hotel full view

The hotel is a simple one-room for two affair. When you stay at The Krane, you’ll be treated to incredible, 360 views of the sea and Copenhagen. You’ll also enjoy the services of a concierge who will pick you up from the airport and is on call for your different needs. Daily breakfasts are also served as well as a selection of wines and bubbles. A courtesy BMW and bikes are available.

men observe the sea from krane hotel veranda

The Krane’s Spa also sports incredible views. There are two spa baths and all the services one might expect from a spa.

If you’re looking for a meeting place, The Krane offers two—The Krane meeting room and the Glassbox Meeting Room. Their impressive views, and unique settings, inspire the imagination, boosting creativity.

copenhagen krane hotel dining area

The décor of The Krane keeps in line with its heritage as a coal crane. Decorated largely in black, and featuring steel and woodgrain textures, The Krane is also a prime example of Danish design. Perhaps most importantly, though, The Krane maintains the history of the industrial port. It’s refreshing to see something put to use, rather than thrown in the bin.

Check it out

krane hotel book and drinks on bed

krane hotel food serving materials on the box

outside view from krane hotel window

krane hotel steel staircase

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