Kudhva Wilderness Cabin by New British Design

There’s a 43-acre abandoned slate quarry on Britain’s North Cornwall coast that offers the perfect outdoor hideaways. The Kudhva Wilderness Cabin—“Kudhva” is the Cornish word for “hideout” and is perfect for the cabins—was designed by Ben Huggins of New British Design.

The hideouts are cozy shelters elevated from the ground. Built with insulated paged-pine panels, the cabins also feature an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber membrane covering that keeps things dry. The cabins—there are four that you can book—all feature a larch-slatted skin. The cabins have room for two.

They also have an outdoor fire pit that you can use to keep warm while you take in the beauty of the surrounding forest and the night sky. A loft serves as the sleeping area, while under it there is a bench for taking it easy. A reception building nearby houses toilets and a shower. With only the amenities that you absolutely need, the cabins are the perfect place to unplug from the world and get back to what matters most.

Built off-site by furniture maker Toby Sharp, the cabins are temporary structures that are mobile and part of a larger design for the area. The cabins can be booked for USD$240 for a two-night stay.

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