La Pointe House is Plenty for Only Being Half

“Half” sometimes gets a bad rap. Sometimes the glass is half full, sometimes it’s half empty.

The La Pointe House located north of Ottawa in the Poisson Blanc Regional Park is essentially half of an A-frame cabin, but this is one of those instances when “half” is more than enough.

La Pointe House

To imagine the La Pointe House, picture a typical A-frame cabin then split it down the middle. The A-frame was first popularized in North America in the 1950s and the simple design hasn’t changed much. But L’Abri spiced up the design a bit. The cabin can accommodate two to four people and is completely off-grid.

Inside, there is a kitchenette and a table that converts into an extra bed for company. Up the inclined ladder, you’ll find a bed that is suspended from the cathedral ceiling by steel rods. The interior is decked out in wood grain, with plywood and rafters being left exposed to provide that warm and welcoming feel.

Outside, where the other half of the A-frame would be, is a covered terrace. There’s also a storage cubby which the owners use for firewood to fuel the fireplace. The exterior is clad in cedar planks and cleats which will age to a beautiful silver as the years go by. The metal roof will last a lifetime and will help to shed the snow that falls so abundantly in the area.

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lounge area La Pointe House

window area La Pointe House

outside view La Pointe House