The Lachance House Is in Harmony with Nature

The Lake Memphremagog area in Quebec, Canada is an idyllic, gorgeous landscape that features picturesque valleys and mountains in the distance. The Lehance House was built as a secondary home for two clients in the area who love music, nature and the land. They wanted a place where they could find peace and nature. This house is the perfect blend of rustic and modern aesthetic.

lehance house rooftop architecture

Designed by ACDF Architecture, the Lechance House features a rustic, contemporary aesthetic. The vernacular buildings feature wooden cladding that will will look better as it ages. Over time, it will gain a grey patina that complements the large windows and stone surfaces of the rest of the house.

lehance house inside view from yard

Located right outside the main floor is a covered terrace that lets the owners enjoy peaceful views of the surrounding mountains. The house does not feature a traditional heating or cooling system. To conserve energy and make the most of the environment, it relies on passive cooling and heating. The vertical wooden boards help facilitate ventilation and heat gain. Polished stone floors help keep the indoors cool during the summer.

girls look outside and walking on lehance house

The downstairs features large sliding glass doors, which serves to highlight the gorgeous lakeside landscape. A double-height open floor plan provides an unobstructed view of the beautiful; forest and lake outside. The kitchen, dining and living area are all located downstairs. There is also two bedrooms located downstairs. These are tucked away and provide privacy away from the main living area. Upstairs, there is second lounge area that overlooks the ground floor. There is also a guest bedroom for visitors.

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