Le Nid House Takes Advantage of Incredible Views

The Saint Lawrence River makes its way through the small town of Cap-aux-Corbeaux in Quebec, Canada. Mountains and hills line the banks of the river, and from this high ground, you can find some of the most spectacular views you can imagine. Ann Carrier Architecture took advantage of the beauty of the setting to build a luxury home that sits high up on one of those hills and looks down on the slowly moving water.

inside look on Le Nid House

The Le Nid House combines rectangular sections into a home that offers views and comfort. The exterior of the home is clad in wood, which is meant to match with the bark of the pine trees that surround the building. The exterior also has covered terraces and a balcony that is hidden away with screened wood panelling, creating what the builder calls “the nest.”

To get into the home, you’ll have to cross a bridge that leads to the entrance of the upper level. Once inside, you’re greeted with a foyer that leads into the main living space and a kitchen. Floor to ceiling windows cover one side of the home, granting the desired views of the river and the nearby towns. Down the hallway, which is lined with closet storage, lies the master bedroom. A full bath adjoins the suite. The second level holds three additional bedrooms as well as a bathroom.

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Le Nid House view

window Le Nid House

balcony view Le Nid

view outside Le Nid House

aerial view Le Nid House