This Designer Built a Hidden Studio Office Hanging Beneath an Overpass

A true furniture designer can design almost anything, on their own, by hand. And this type of talent is few and far between these days, as most successful designers usually rely on teams to do a lot of the actual labor involved in making their brilliant designs reality. However, when it comes what is created through Lebrel, a furniture and product design project, you’re dealing with the creator and the builder. That’s because the mind behind Lebrel is Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish plumber who grew up building everything around him by hand—meaning he can build just about everything, along with a keen artistic eye for style within the form and function.

overpass hanging hidden studio office desk

This shows in much of what Lebrel creates, as all the products have a sharp minimalist aesthetic and are all highly functional, drawing on inspiration Abellanas got from the pioneer architects and designers of the 1960’s and 1970’s eras. From lamps to shelves to benches to bike racks, Lebrel’s furniture and products all are meant to be used for years and to last for years—making them something of a regular fixture in your life, once you own them—though Abellanas usually only creates 10 to 20 units of one piece total.

Which is what a great piece of furniture or product should really be, rather than something you replace every few seasons.

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overpass hanging hidden studio office rooftop

hanging studio office rooftop box depart from wall

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