Light Wave House and Cabana Project in Byron Bay wins Aussie Design Award

Australian architects and their custom design team were recently the featured winners of Australian Institute of Architects NSW Country Division Winner of Small Projects in 2016 for their Light Wave House Project, on Lighthouse Rd in Byron Bay. The design team said they wanted to create a poetic sculpture for shelter overhanging above the pool area. What the team came up with was stunning in its design.

pool view light byron bay wave house

The landscape, pool and cabana project is a playful design as envisioned by the team at HGA, an Aussie architecture firm. Their sheltering piece of origami is juxtaposed against the rectilinear pool in a beautiful scene that overlooks the bay area. With such accurate detail in their plans, the team created the design for an in-pool viewer to see a picturesque frame while in the timber barrel of the cabana.

balcony view light byron bay wave house

It took engineers some grit to complete this on such a steep work site, essentially a dune. This project cost around AUD$170,000. The team thought of sustainability, too. No town water connects to the pool or pumps; it’s fed rainwater from the home’s roof. The timber is integral to the design, as are deep posts dug into the ground to support the foundation.

Check it out

relaxing poolside byron bay

 byron bay relaxing chair

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