Dash Through The Snow & Get Up Close with Rudolph at the Sapmi Nature Camp

Recently recognized by Natural Geographic, the Sapmi Nature Camp is the ideal place to interact with the environment while not disturbing or disrupting its natural order. Instead, you get to seamlessly slip amongst and experience living with reindeer, while gaining a better understanding of their herding tendencies and lifestyle habits.

sapmi nature camp night view

The nature camp is owned and operated by Lennart Pittja, from the Unna Tjerusj Sami community in Gallivare. Lennart has been involved in the Sami tourism industry for over two decades and knows more about this part of the world than almost anyone else.

sapmi nature camp water bag with kettle

He personally describes this experience as a way to enjoy the culture of generations of reindeer herds in the region, while respecting and loving their habitat. This sense of compassion towards the animals is where the camp starts and that same level of care and attention is extended to their customers as well – hoping that each one walks away with a unique experience, filled with knowledge and awe.

If you would like to learn how to explore the Swedish tundra with Lennart and his guides, check out the link below and see for yourself what other great opportunities they have to offer.

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nature camp fire on night with shining sky

sapmi nature camp sunset scenario

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